Villa Aria

Web design and reservations

Experience Istria

Our client is Villa Aria Istria, or rather an owner of this beautiful stone villa on the cusp of Rovinje, in the village of Maruzini, that contains numerous bed rooms, bathrooms, a balcony, pool and many more. It is surrounded by untouched nature and beautiful landscapes and aside from villa and its surroundings it is possible to explore the entire region of Istria and all the cultural and natural riches it has within.
Client requested web design of a site that would nicely show all the textual and visual contents in relation to the interior, exterior and details of the villa. More than anything, it has to have a functioning tab for online reservations and all of that needs to be packed into a clean and modern wrapper.
The solution is a site that wastes no time in showing you the beauties of the villa with the moto “The Real Experience of Istria”. A dominant black color with white panels gives site a magazine quality which makes it a modern digital portal that is minimalistic in its design as much as its ultra-functional in transfer of relevant information. This duality of tones is cut with colorful photos of the interior, exterior and surroundings of the villa, making the colors pop and grab even more attention. The booking tab is clean and easy to use, so that nothing stands between you and your rest on this magical place.